Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guide for Talking to the Chronically Ill -- Call for Submissions

How many times have you heard from your healthy friends and family that they want to show support for you, but "I just don't know what to say..."? Have you ever wished for a guidebook that you could hand to healthy people, so that they would know what to say? Well, I am working on exactly that.* And I would like your help.

I want to teach healthy people how to communicate with people with chronic illness. I want to teach them how to be brave, how to be supportive, and what we want to hear. If there is someone in your life who is having trouble knowing what to say, I'd like you to write me and tell me what you what to hear from them. The more stories submitted, the more options we can present them.

What would you most like to hear from your family?
What would you most like to hear from your friends?
What are some of the best supportive comments you have heard?
What are the worst things you've heard?
If someone wanted to approach you to discuss your condition, how would you like them to ask?
What do you wish people understood about chronic illness in general?
What do you wish people understood about your chronic illness, specifically?
What do you struggle with most, as a result of your chronic illness?
Do you want people around you to help? If so, how do you want other people to offer assistance?
Other thoughts? Comments?

Please say whether you would like credit, or whether you would rather remain anonymous. Feel free to submit previously written works, blog post URLs, etc. (along with permission to reprint).

Send your submissions to: pamc.writer(at)yahoo.com
Include your NAME (or Anonymous), CITY, STATE/COUNTRY
Your DIAGNOSIS(es), HOW LONG (you've been diagnosed), whether you're DISABLED (and DATE)
(Include links to your blog, Twitter handle, etc., if you wish)

Submission Deadline -- December 15th

*I've been gone from here working on this, and other fun surprises coming later this month!

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