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Tumblr & Facebook Follower Roundup 2012!!

Last, but most certainly not least, are my Tumblr and Facebook followers!! For a long time, Facebook was all I did. I didn't join Tunblr until one of my posts went viral there. I live on Facebook, especially on my bad days, so a lot of my online friends are there, including my Unicorn Sister---a woman who has my same disease. That's where we met, in fact. So these people are far from an afterthought. They're part of my online family.

Tumblr Followers:

Jump Backwards - I am a 30 year old woman. I have chronic pain. I have a documented history of scans (MRI’s, CAT’s and ultrasounds) no showing what is going on. Doctors depend on the scans to make a diagnosis. So far we are sure that I have a herniated disk and arthritis in my left hip. I had surgery done on my hip to repair a labral tear. I do not believe the surgery was successful because the pain has not changed. But seeing they could never get a scan to show the tear how can we see if it’s fixed? I have been told by many doctors that I need to wait 20 years to have a hip replacement. I have found a job that I can work from home part time. I am successful in that job. I still need help. Where can I turn? The State of Michigan does not have medicaid at this time. At least they aren’t accepting applicants. That leaves me using every penny I earn to provide the medications I need. This is the place for my rant. The American health system doesn’t work. People fall through the cracks every day. I am one of them. // I also have PTSD, anxiety and have been diagnosed with a list of other mental illnesses. Most of those diagnoses are by psychologists who want to diagnose you with something instead of just realizing that you are broken. They don’t need a fancy name to say that people are scary to me. I used to cut. I haven’t in 2 years. Each day is a struggle.

waitforthefireworks - jill.17.cbc.CT, you me at six.mayday parade, Isaiah 43:1-3, Proverbs 3:5-6, i have type one diabetes, adjustment disorder and am recovering from major depressive disorder. however, i'm still thoroughly humorous, 4/28/12 : ) , 1/17/12, a belief in magic can offer solace, even if we know it is a lie.

Myasthenic Musings - My name is Rachel, I’m from Canada, and I’m nineteen years old. I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder, in September of 2011. I’m a giant nerd and love biology, science in general, good books, playing piano (badly!), birds (especially my parrotlet), horseback riding, hiking, and photography.

Allison in Migraine Land - Lifetime battle with chronic daily headache and migraine.

Fluidity B

That Girl Named Allysa - This blog was created with the intent of finding other people who struggle with the same mental and emotional problems that I deal with on a daily basis. Recently, I decided that I also wanted to help others with similar struggles.

Arcanum Joviale - Ren. 24. INFJ. Minimalist. Diabetic. Gender neutral. I have been described as: awesome, gorgeous, and down-to-earth. I also get described as "an old soul" and "wise beyond my years." Residing in Allentown, PA.


Whatever Floats Your Boat - This blog here is just a day in the brain of colleen. ! // Colleen is the name. // I wish i was much more simplistic then I am. But that is not my choice. My illness may hold me back but my spirit is free. I love the smell of flowers and rain. I really don't judge unless you give me a reason too. I dislike winter for two reasons. One because its just too dang cold and two, it is really lonely. I am an overall people lover. My goal is to make someone smile each and every day. If i accomplish this it makes my day feel complete, no matter how crappy it is. I am a Youth Ambassador the the UMDF. I like it cause it makes me sounds all professional. I love teddy bears and fuzzy socks. Taylor swift is my hero and always will be for many reasons. My friends and family mean the world to me and i would be completely lost without them.I think that is enough for now or ill ramble on for days. Want to know something......just ASK! // Peace out squirrel scouts!

Oh Baby, Baby, It's a Wild World - I’m Meagan. I’m nineteen, but I still think I’m eighteen. I’m a type one diababy with polycystic kidney disease. I’m an insomniac caffeine addict.
I’m crazy.

My New Normals...Living with MS - My name is Nicole Lemelle. I am a writer, an activist, and a person living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I created My New Normals to educate those who do not understand MS, reassure people with similar plights and inspire everyone to seize command of their lives. // I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Louisiana State University, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, and a Cardiac Device Technology Certificate from the Arrhythmia Technologies Institute. // My education has allowed me to work as a chemist in Baton Rouge, LA, an ICU staff nurse in Las Vegas, NV, a cardiology charge nurse in New Orleans, LA, and a cardiac device specialist in Washington, DC. // As an MS advocate, I donate my time and support to the National MS Society. I am also a member of the Louisiana State Nurses Association (LSNA) and a Louisiana MS Society Government Relations Committee (GRC) Volunteer. // Since 2011, I have been writing for The National MS Society Blog and my work has appeared in various outlets. // I am married to Tommy Lemelle and we reside in New Orleans, LA.

Colour my life with the chaos of trouble. - Welcome to my mind, // We're all a little insane, // I'm Courtney I'm 15 years old. // I'm from Australia. // Music & reading are crucial to me. // I'm anything but normal, // My head is a horrible place to be // A glorious head f*ck. // I'm b!tchy and sarcastic. //
If you ever need anything at all, no matter the time don't hesitate to message me. // Post Traumatic Stress Disorder // Hopelessly addicted to self destruction. // Anxiety and Type 1 Diabetes

This is just a part I portray. A 20 year old dutch type 1 diabetic ('02) who loves reading (and would love to be able to write well). I'm currently trying to major in Philosophy in the beautiful city of Groningen. Also too much in love with music, tea, Nietzsche, Sartre, the Old Greeks and mountain biking to be in a relationship. Stephen Fry, Tim Minchin and Friedrich Nietzsche are my heroes. I am a volunteer for the DVN (my national diabetes federation).

Laura'S Noggin - This is just a little window into my brain and a look into the world as I see it. I'm a type-one diabetic. I love art; it's my getaway. I someday want to become an art therapist when I'm old an wrinkly. For now I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

I am the mountain, I am the sea - Hi, I’m Raechel Diane. I’m 18 years old and I was born on December 14th. I live in the state of Wisconsin. I dislike it here. I’m a senior in high school with plans to go to Santa Monica College next year. I have a chronic condition called dysautonomia, which you can learn about here. I refuse to let it rule my life.

Jessamyn - My name is Jessamyn, I live in Arkansas. It sucks. // I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in April of 2006. I also have Crohn’s, Dermatographia, Reynauds and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I am a ball of fun. // I’m pretty boring. I bake a lot. I love indie music. My favorite movie is Love & Other Drugs. I really love art, any kind. I have half green hair and a rabbit tattoo. // If theres other stuff you wanna know about me.. idk. I have my gpoy tag or you can ask me. I’ll try my best to not be weird.

Facebook Followers:

Paula Philips

Lynn MacDonald - It took me a long time to get to where I need to be and now that I am where I am at...I just want to keep watching one of my heroes in life, Jimmy Carter, and listening...really everyone else - // OH yeah and I must have music exactly how I have had it all along!! // ROCK ON!!

Dianna Blackketter (Dianna Henderson-Blackketter)

Risa Chrysalis - Just a woman who (pretty literally) woke up one day wondering if this was life or a dress rehearsal. Guess what? It's life meant for living. So I'm now living my life instead of waiting for an elusive "something" no one seems to know. ... I tried like the dickens to avoid spinal surgery but finally gave up and had the bloody surgery (although I still occasionally walk like a drunk woman, sometimes, more often than not (but I can wear my heels again).

Heidi Young

Tora Rivallier-Kirk - Tora is not my first name but a name I got after High School. Rivallier is not my birth Last Name but one I should have had all along. I am not fond of the past but there are a few from there I do want to meet. // I am no longer the man you knew from the past but someone that you still remember. I am more in to music then gaming. granted I still play WoW. Just talk to me and see who I am now and you might be surprised.

Lavi Saxena

Nikki Marie Hauser - My son and daughter are the light of my life. Never did I think I would be so willing to give my life for that of another, until they graced mine. // Mother, wife, student,doula, lover, geek, bitch, and so much more... All rolled into one glorious package. // So much all at the same time :D // Stay at Home Mother who is a student, preparing to dive into a new program to graduate with my EMT-I, so I can get working out of the home. As well as a doula. Means I am REALLY busy, and horribly underpaid ;-)

Elizabeth Mizioch-Crawford

Michelle Anderson-Lamb - Program Coordinator II at Medical College of Wisconsin, Studied Sociology at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Jana Bizianes McKinney - I have a very blessed life. I have lived in Louisville all my life but have travelled all over the world. I have 3 living children and one that is holding my spot up in heaven. My husband and kids are the most important and wonderful things in my life. I struggle everyday to deal with and understand my chronic illness....they are my rock and God has truly placed them with me for a reason. We are a good team and I can't imagine my life without them. After all these years (22 now) my sweet Martin still lights my fire...He is wonderful. Everyone should be so lucky to find their one true love. I thank God for him everyday. My Unicorn Sister!

Sandra Elliott - I teach people how to use web data to make their web sites better, and I design new classes. Oh, and now I manage the training and documentation teams as well! Understand, though - I don't speak for my company here. What's here is my opinion.

Christina Carpenter - What is there to say about me that probably has not already been said, said in judgement, or in a jealous anger rage. // There is no other like me, just ask my husband. He will tell you that I am the only one like me, thats why he married me, thats why he loves me, and thats why he picked me. Because to him, I am special. // And lets face it, Im pretty much a big deal in my world.

Paula Cullins

Tim Harris

Tiffany Gonzalez - I'm fighting for my life right now. I have Lyme Disease but I'm trying to beat it. I've had this for over 7 years but have only been in treatment since Oct 2009. I will be ok, because I've come this far, it's keeping up the momentum that difficult. I keep distracted by trying to help others learn about Lyme Disease & the dibilitating Co-Infections which make us very sick. Having help & understanding during the process of Lyme is so important. // You may read about my journey here: or on Facebook:

Jamie Sohn - Forum Host at, helping fellow migraine and headache sufferers gain more information and become empowered to become partners in their treatment with their doctors. A great site.

Nicole Darnell - Lady Writerly

Wilma Woodson - Wellness Partner with Vitamark International

Debbie Sayers

Cyndi Jordan

Heather Zanitsch - I am a patient advocate coordinator with the National Headache Foundation. I work out of St. Louis, MO to further promote awareness of Migraine disease and other headache disorders. I also try to work at helping others with these disorders to realize that they are not alone and that help and information are here when they need it.

Sandra Kay Prevo Powell

Lexie Scholl

Alice Cossneer - Once upon a time I was a wacky girl/woman who was freaky for any and all sin. one day of lonely fear and massive tears and a hand from above picked her up and now she's freaky and wacky for GOD! // I'm disabled due to the "invisable" illnesses I have so I smile always and try to let the LORD's love shine always. // In case it wasn't too obvious I'm a devout Christian. GOD is first and foremost in my life. I have so much to be thankful for and it is Him I live for and because of Him that I'm alive.

Jennifer Dorfman Pettit - Founder, CEO, UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of 'invisible' illnesses while providing support to patients & caregivers, through various programs including presentations, activism, social networking, and blogging.

Sherry Rosser Carroll

Heather Cannova

Ellen Schnakenberg - Patient Advocate/Educator, Moderator, Writer for, United States Pain Foundation Ambassador // Community Moderator/Patient Advocate/Educator/Writer, Creating the best and largest online community dedicated exclusively to Migraine and headache. See our articles and discussion boards, hear from expert physicians and patients, or participate in our interactive tools and polls. // WEGO Health Community Leader/Health Activist, WEGO Health Activists: Real life Experience. Real life heroes.

Meagan N Marley Westie

Cate Manzo - Love is never saying you're sorry. // Some say that I am a bit sarcastic.... I can not know what they are talking aobut. I am part Muppet and part Italian. I love more than I hate and I make great snacks and I love spontanaity. I am a good hugger and I love diet coke and beautiful cookies. I love to color and I love to pet fish. I love magic and fireworks. If you're ready for the unusual. If you can stand the color pink and glitter. Ready GO!!!! The Fairy GodMother Collective (a.k.a. Cate the Great!)

Debby Makowski Dietrich

Abe Dickoff - there cannot be change without change // it is what it is

Loretta McCann Bjorvik (Legalize Freedom) (Image used with permission.)

Ada McEwan

Erin Boxley - Erin is now gainfully employed at a reputable Orange County hospital. // I am a nursing school graduate and mother. I live with my family and a mother that's beaten cancer 3 times and has MS. I recently received my RN and am gainfully employed as a neuroscience nurse. This occupies most of my brain power these days, but I am now starting to relax a little into my more permanent roles of mother, caretaker and nurse. // I am already considering my BSN and MSN. Clearly, nursing school left me permanently damaged. // Now I can indulge in my previous hobbies like karaoke, gaming and getting an adequate amount of sleep. // Life is awesome.

Amy Bliss - I'm still myself, I still love those close to me and I'm regaining sanity and confidence. Happy with my children, my relationship and those who love and support me. // "In the midst of winter, I found, within me, an endless summer." Albert Camus

Jacki Clark

Heather Scott Hetler

Laura F McCloskey - My insomnia kicks in.... I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid of my dreams! LIFE IS HARD; LIVING IS HARDER! To Judge another is to judge God. Was a stay at home Mom throughout my children's lives. Volunteered all the time and even had to go out and work for a living when things got really hard. Just wish I had continued to work so I would not have the dilemma that I am in right now! Have been married for 35 years, we raised three children, we have no grandchildren. We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present

This will be an annual tradition from this point forward! These are the people who joined me on my journey in 2012. In May 2013, I will post all the new followers that have come along!

Thank you so much for your support!

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