Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Curse of a Bad Doctor

This is a horror story too many of us know all too well: a bad opinion of some doctor gets in your record, and the ghost of that awful experience haunts you throughout your medical quest, poisoning the options of others before giving you a chance. It's happened to me more than once, and it can ruin entire health networks for you. It's happening to me again, as the notes from the doctor who though she could diagnose me through looking get forwarded on to the new endocrinologist I'm trying to see. I was called to be told that they had no reason to see me, even though the labs contradict everything she states in her letters!! But who cares? She's the head of neuroendocrinology for the state, so who's going to take my word over hers?

So I'm going to have my MRI sent from Seattle, the same MRI that got me in to see the quack (but mysteriously that keeps getting left out of the pile of evidence), and see if he'll take me after that. But even if he does, that doesn't mean he won't have an attitude when I finally do get in to see him... Doctors are funny like that. They don't like it when patients push back, regardless of whether or not it was the right thing to do. All I can do is hope he sees reason, but that too seems in short supply among doctors. If the original doctor I'd gone to see had been reasonable, I wouldn't be in this mess. I mean, really... Who gets lab results that disprove the theory, only to have the theory upheld and the evidence discarded? Isn't that what they teach people NOT to do in the sciences?

She claims my original cortisol stim test was "mildly abnormal" which is dead wrong. My original diagnosing doctor was surprised I wasn't in a coma! She claims that medication changes were based on my "feelings" and never mentions all the labs that supported those "feelings." She claims I've been on prednisone since my original diagnosis, but I was off all medication for 8 months while my disease was in in remission. She claims no worsening vision or diplopia (I have both). She says I dont' have cold or heat intolerance (I have both). She claimed no tingling, burning or numbness (I have all three and I'm on serious medication for all three). She claims I have no muscle weakness or easy bruising, when I told her of both. And she claims I have "emotional lability" (a nice way of saying neurotic) all because I got a little choked up telling her about 10 years of chronic pain... as if I was supposed to be stoic through the whole thing.

And now I can't get a doctor to give me an appointment because of all her lies. What ever happened to "do no harm"??? How on earth do a fix a medical record that's full of LIES?!?


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