Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Book One is Written! Thank You for Your Patience!

I know I've been hideously absent these past few months, but with good cause! The book— 50 Ways to Make Money While Disabled— is now finished, and the website is set to launch December 15th, so mark your calendars and come subscribe to our Launch Party over at http://makemoneywhiledisabled.com!

This work was inspired by my "Unicorn Sister," Jana (see the link, Medical Unicorn above, for that back-story), who gave me the idea, "Ya know, I bet I could come up with 50 different ways for disabled people to make money, and keep their disability benefits (if they're on those programs). I bet it would work even better for people who aren't limited by federal benefit rules." As it turns out, I've discovered over 150 ways for disabled people to make money, and I'm learning of new ways every day. Jana and I decided to break those jobs up into three volumes to start, so we could get you the first volume as soon as possible.

The book is divided into three parts: the first part gives an overview of the disability benefit system and things you will need to know before you start working if you're receiving Social Security Disability benefits. The second part is 50 money-making ways, with start-up considerations, disability concerns, and the approximate average hourly income for that money maker. The last part of the book covers topics raised in the first half more thoroughly, and includes information on self-employment and where to find resources.

More information in the upcoming post: So... When do I get to buy one?

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