Sunday, April 19, 2015

Falling With Grace: Sweet Memory

I rarely reblog, but Falling With Grace: Sweet Memory touched my soul today: "Have you ever had your mind wander and whisk your spirit back to a beautiful space in time? I just had the sweetest memory of my grandmother..."

It tells the story of Amy's grandmother's kindness helping her grandchild with Amy's first baby. And it tells of her grandmother's anxiety around doctor visits. And though Grace does not outright say it, there is a great gift that comes from our suffering, and that is it gives us ability to understand the suffering of others and respect their frailties.

There's not one of use who is whole. The world is a sloppy place. Our bodies are sloppy. It is our minds that allow us to understand good order, and it's a constant struggle to maintain. But we can be grateful any of it works at all! The world is full of wonders, and we get to experience many of them, good and bad.

But most of all, we can be there for one another, in kindness and charity, and create beautiful memories that last a lifetime and beyond.

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