Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wit's End

This is me, a raw an exposed nerve, without a bone of guile in my body. I know I give everything away in my face, and in this much pain, I couldn't lie if I tried. That's a genuine pain problem for you: ruthless. And what's more: a drug addict can run circles around me all day. They can contain their emotions because they're not receiving cruel and unusual punishment from their own body. You think 30 million have a problem with diabetes and that's a big number? Try the number one debilitating ailment, the number one disabling problem in the U.S. Chronic pain. Madame, there is no second. It eats up the most public resources and ends well paying careers instantly. This is from the book, Next Medicine along with Social Security Administration statistics as previously cited in this blog.

I couldn't pack myself I was so sick. I can't unpack myself. This pain doctor, unlike any of the pain doctors I've seen in 13 years, wants an Illinois or Missouri ID. I just moved home. The State licensing bureau doesn't accept my current Colorado license as a valid ID. They had a two page list of all the paperwork I needed to being with me and the doctors only give a thirty day supply of pills to last you this whole process.

Guess who can't get any of this done, eh? The person with the painfully crippling disease, that's who.

We need the DEA to stop practicing medicine without a license. That's the only way you're going to be able to tell the junkies from people with legitimate pain problems. This is cruel and unusual punishment and I haven't broken any laws! I just want to be able to manage my pain and not a speck more!! I like being lucid thank you very much. I rely on my brain for my money, and I'm not about to compromise on that. But I'm broken. I have 13 years of paper trail to prove it. I have moved several times to find better health and was even able to return to work for a while.

But my health caught up with me. I have proven to the federal governments high standards, and they have me listed as RETIRED. And this at the tender age of 29.... I know people say that's the dream, but man, don't do it this way!

I am extremely lucky in other respects. There are people worse off than me, of that I have no doubt. I'm related to some of them. And I try to be there for them as best I can, when I can. Now is not one of those times. We need to stop the war on doctors and patients. It's inhumane and unconstitutional.

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