Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Opiate-induced Sleepwalking

One reason I'd make a terrible #junkie is that I can't take more than 10mg of methadone 3 times a day. Any junkie will tell you that's a BABY dose. I helped the homeless including driving junkies to the methadone clinic when I volunteered in Seattle, and most methadone clinics give out a syrup containing 250mg of methadone for a once per day dose. Dear god, that would probably kill me. but the reason I can't go higher than 10mg/day is that on any higher dose, even for breakthough pain, I will either experience insomnia or sleepwalking.

The first time I went sleepwalking I left my friends' apartment, took their flashlight, left their apartment building, and sat for 5 minutes, ASLEEP, on 11th Avenue in downtown Seattle (not the safest of places to be a woman asleep on the curb). Then I went back inside (thank god I wasn't locked out) leaving the flashlight downstairs for evidence to myself that I was unconcious of my own actions.

I did this immediately upon falling asleep, apparently, because the lady of the house "thought I had gone out to smoke a cigarette, but [I wasn't] gone long enough... If that doesn't scare you away from misusing your opiates, nothing will. To this day it scares me to live alone, for that and may other reasons. I have a service dog to let me know when a bad migraine is coming, so I can also sleepwalk proof my house before going to bed.

If you watch Mike Birbiglia's first movie about him becoming a stand-up comic, you can see just how dangerous sleepwalking can be. I would sleepwalk and talk even into my teen years, but I grew out of it. Or so I thought.

So yeah... Me? So not a junkie.

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