Thursday, June 9, 2011

A place for everything...

And everything in its place.
-Ben Franklin
One of the big rules I've learned for self-care is establishing habits. If I can set up even the smallest of routines or memory gimmicks can help on days that my symptoms take priority. (Wednesday, wind the clock and water the plants. It's a W day.) One thing I've always loved is to have a home for everything. That serves the dual purpose of clearing up clutter, and should I or anyone else need to know where something it, it has a home; easy finding.

Cell phones, keys and other portable items can be tricky to keep track of. A cell phone case you can clip to your keys is one solution. That way you can call from another phone to locate both items (and it will help with resisting the urge to use a cell phone and drive). Another solution is to designate "stations" where full hands can quickly dump items for retrieval later. (I have 3 locations where my cell phone and keys may be.)

Medication kits
I have a metal Seattle lunch box that I use to carry my medications. It's discreet, it's cute, and it protects the bottles. I also carry spare first-aid items in there to have my one-stop treatment all there.

Emergency kits
I have an emergency shot and spare medication I keep in my purse (guys- there are various small cases out there for cigarette packs, playing cards and the like that can serve your needs---wallets can crush pills). I also have spare clothing in my car for a sudden shift in weather as well as extra food and water should I get stuck in traffic with a health need.

Disinfecting wipes and lotions
I always travel with these whether for my emergency shot, or if I'm just trying to avoid that flu that's going around. I have scars on my face from MRSA. I don't mess around anymore.

I wear medic alert jewelry, but I also have a card in my wallet with emergency information including: doctors, medication and dosage, next of kin and local emergency contact numbers. In my phone, I have certain entries marked ICE. That's medical shorthand for In Case of Emergency. If I'm incapacitated, medical response teams will know better what to do if a page can speak for me.

With these habits in place, I can move through my day with more ease and less concern.

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