Thursday, December 29, 2011

I have a little shop!*

Here and on the new "Shop" page you will find items to purchase in support of this blog. I don't like running advertisements, and I'd like to stay away from that as long as possible. Instead, I offer you my line of fine "Make This Look Awesome" gear. All these products are through Zazzle, so no need to worry if I'm having a bad day... you'll get your stuff anyway!

Make This Look Awesome Tote - $19.50

Those of us with chronic illness often have a lot of papers to carry. Sometimes to the doctor's office. Sometimes from the doctor's office. This neat little tote is your paper-holding pal.

Make This Look Awesome Hoodie - $44.50

Hoodies are an easy layer of warmth to throw over any outfit. The traditional kangaroo-like pocket on the front is convenient in oh, so many ways. Seriously... you can never invest in too many hoodies.

Make This Look Awesome Mug - $16.50

My uncle likes to carry around a coffee cup with him all day. He's so often seen with his coffee cup that his granddaughter has started calling it "his binkie." She'll run after him, "Grandpa! Don't forget your binkie!" He asked that I make him a binkie he could carry in support of me.


*Yes, totally a Doctor Who reference...

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