Thursday, December 1, 2011

New neuroendocrinologist is good!!!

The new neuroendocrinologist is good!!! She's a fellow, and even brought in her supervisor, and neither had any doubt about my diagnosis. There is even a test for the antibody that they know about, but it's only made in Israel. Still, they're going to see if they can get a hold of it. Meanwhile, they want me on my medication, but we're going to switch to hydrocortisone to see if I tolerate that better than the prednisone. They're going to do research on azathioprine to see if I can try it safely. Man, I was really scared there for a while. But now it really looks like Colorado is the right place for me. Whew!!! ^_^

[Edited to add]
Unfortunately, this did not remain true. The new neuroendocrinologist started singing the old neuroendocrinologists' tune. However, my old endocrinologist who witnessed my disease go into full remission and return, got promoted to the head of neuroendocrinology at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. The journey continues.


  1. I can here the joy and relief in your post. I am so happy that you have at last found a doctor that believes in your diagnoses and will begin to work with you towards a healing process.

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  3. I'd "like" your comment if we had that feature here! ^_^