Thursday, February 16, 2012

Donate for my trip to Seattle

As you may recall, my old endocrinologist has been promoted to head of neuroendocrinology in Seattle. She was the one who saw my disease go into remission and then reappear. There would be no need for me to prove anything to her; she was there. And now she's in a position where she could possible get me the cure for my autoimmune hypophysitis. The only thing standing in my way right now is affording the plane ticket. I was going to rely on my family for this, but the funds just aren't there. So I'm hoping, in a fishes and loaves sort of way, that if I get a little bit from everyone, it won't put anyone in too much of a hardship to help.

I'm trying to raise $449 for the plane ticket and rental car. I have friends I can room with, but transportation is not guaranteed. Many of the folks I know rely on public transport, and I am not healthy enough to do that myself, sadly. I can take care of food as I would have needed to eat that week anyway! ;)

I'm only asking for what I need. I will update the amount I necessary for the trip as donations roll in. When I hit my target goal (100% Awesome), I will remove my donate button.

[March 3, 2012]

This is a huge chance to change my life. This is the disease that has the potential to kill me. And I would be paving the way for my unicorn-sister and her treatment as well. Any amount is welcomed. Thank you so much!!!

[Edited to add]
My appointment is April 6th. I'm flying out April 4th and returning April 11th for the cheapest flights.

Prices have changed for the better!! My roommate was able to find me a better deal online for car & airfare, so now I'm only looking for $449!


  1. Hope you trip to a healthy you gets funded. Every little bit helps. Wish I could have given more but I figure like you, even a little bit helps.

  2. Yes! Every little bit does! And I should say I'm also donating every scrap of money I can to this too. I just live so much on the edge already that it's difficult to manage. Am am going to try to sell my artwork, and all the proceeds from my Shop are going to this too.

    One way or another, I will make this trip. I'm hoping it can be for the date I've already set. That's what I'm working towards.

    Thank you again!!!