Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can azathioprine fix me???

This is insanely hopeful. I actually have a reason to go back to my doctors beyond managed care!!!!!

Recurrent autoimmune hypophysitis successfully treated with glucocorticoids plus azathioprine: a report of three cases;

I have something to fight for... oh, man, this sets new wind in my sails. I guess it was a wise decision to take that break! ^_^

Azathioprine is kind of a scary drug, as it may increase my risk to infection, and I'm already a high-risk category, but it's worth the chance at a cure!

This article was just posted a week ago. Such good news!!!


  1. From what I remember of your list-o-ailments, there sure were some similarities with the 3 test subjects. Oh, happy day! When can you talk to your doc(s) about this new study?

  2. Soon as I can get into a neuroendocrinologist... I'll keep everyone posted!

  3. Wow! That sounds so promising, Pam. *squeeee*