Friday, July 15, 2011

Realizations as Neurontin kicks in...

Rats... Gonna need Physical Therapy sooner than I thought. I've been couching for so long that I don't have the core muscle strength to sit upright at a desk for long periods anymore. This is a shock to me. I didn't realize I'd gotten this bad. But now that the nerve pain is gone, I can feel the fatigue in my muscles as they strain to keep me upright. I can't maintain good posture for very long. Yikes! This is a problem.

But in the world of good news, I was able to take a shower standing up. I did it without thinking this morning. I haven't been able to do that without the use of prescribed narcotics since 2001. That's an amazing thing. Half way through, when I was reaching for the shampoo, I realized I was reaching down instead of across. I've been standing this whole time... I thought to myself, amazed.

Progress, not perfection. I am reveling in the glory of fewer daily sacrifices.

Ironically, I had a counter-point experience in helping a friend with her pills. She uses an old ice cream jug (with a handle) to hold them all. And I thought, Omg... I use a lunchbox! We both have to have cases for our pills! But it works, so hey... I try to make it look awesome. I have a stylish artistic lunch box (now highly marketed to tourists) that says "Seattle" on it, and no one is ever the wiser. Except that I've told you all now. ^_^

Baby steps... I can do this.

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