Saturday, July 16, 2011

My idea of the perfect doctor's visit...

What I would like is a more innocent, humble approach. Something like:
Hey [Name]! [Sits comfortably] How are you today? [Takes notes. Summarizes vocally for patient.] What are you in for? [Takes notes. Summarizes vocally for patient.] Okay, you have [these] symptoms, [these] diagnoses, you're on [these] pills and undergoing [this] treatment/therapy. And what are you doing at home? [Takes notes. Summarizes vocally for patient.]

Well, let's look at what does what and see if we can discover a little more of what's going on. Okay, now what's your primary concern? [Takes notes. Summarizes vocally for patient.] Based on all of this, here's what I see. This is what I think might work and why. Does that match up with what you see here? Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Alright, here are my written instructions for you. You should notice [this and this], and take [these and these] precautions. Here's what I would like you to do at home. If you notice anything that worries you, or that you can't meet these expectations, you can always call our nurse line. If it worries our nurse, they'll call me immediately. Here's a card with that number. Keep track of your progress for me and report back to me in [time] if all goes well. Do you have any questions for me? [Note of patient's questions. Questions summarized & answered.]

Are you comfortable with this plan? [If not, see if a second opinion is wanted and if they know how to go about getting one.]

Great, I'll see you back in [time]. Hang in there and I hope it helps!

That is how I want my doctors to act... like they know they're human. Then it wouldn't be so far to fall if they're wrong! Trust wouldn't be shattered upon impact.

I dare to dream!

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