Sunday, February 9, 2014

February #TweetChat with @WegoHealth

Here's a link to the topics and questions for Tuesday's TweetChat hosted by me, sponsored by WegoHealth with the theme: "In Sickness - Love & Chronic Illness"

You can download the PDF here to follow along:

Join us by going to and enter the "room" with the hashtag #hachat for Health Activist Chat.

We will start at 1pm Mountain Standard Time, 3pm Eastern, this Tuesday. After welcome announcements are made, we'll start with the first topic. I will pose the question to the room, and give folks a few minutes to tweet back with their answers & respond to one another. I will continue by posing questions as laid out in the PDF until our time is up.

Be sure to spread the word and join us if you can! Everyone is welcomed, even if you're not a health activist, we want to hear from you!! Have you had to manage love and a chronic illness? Have you loved someone with a chronic illness? Are you the child of parents with a chronic illness? Sick, single, and trying to date? Please join!!

I look forward to seeing you there!

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