Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#Pushing #Limits

One week ago I set out with one goal: to safely push my limits and see how much I could accomplish with my body. I set a few ground rules: While attempting this I would baby my body. That meant lights out at sunset, and allowing myself two sleeps per night. I was eating no meat, taking my vitamins + extra potassium daily, and limiting my caffeine intake to half an energy drink per day (I like the ones with the B complex, they help my migraines). I discovered some interesting things.

1) It is really difficult and time consuming to baby myself, but it is possible when the weather cooperates. (There were days I still needed my breakthrough medications and needed to lay low, but I was able to work through low level migraines and use exercise to keep the small ones at bay. This was extremely exciting to find out, and equally so, that I could wind myself down in such a way that I experienced few rebounds. The rebounds I did experience were doozies, though, but I prefer getting stuff done any day. My garden looks amazing and is ready for Spring!

2) The new diet is working! Almost started working a little too well there, I forget how dehydrating Sjogren's is when I have to take certain medicines! But I know know what I need to eat depending on what my body tells me. I have finally (hopefully) figured that part out! (*knock on wood!*)

3) Pain & nausea are managed with medication! I feel confident with the plan my doctors have for me here.

4) Chronic fatigue is NOT managed. I was falling asleep in Church. Not good! I'm going to have to do more research on the kidney front about this. Hopefully there's something more I can do diet or medication-wise (hopefully the former before the latter).

5) Though my body can be babied, that can quickly lead to overconfidence in my abilities. I hosted a friend's party, and then tried to also go to coffee the next day. I discovered that my maintenance program doesn't work so well among company, and was quickly drained to a point beyond my liking. I paid for it in spades!

6) I have reached out to one of the resources listed on the ticket to work page... *knock on wood* Hopefully things will go well and I can earn a little to keep the wolves at bay!

It's a scary time being in a position like this... Too many healthy people are hurting which means the sick and the desperate really get less. I hopefully can find some way of working from home to make enough to get by if I'm frugal & carful.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared though.

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