Thursday, January 30, 2014

They young & healthy cannot understand (completely)...

So, yeah.... drama llamas in my life currently as rock-me-hard-place. I'm wise enough to know my faults, and I will openly and honestly admit what I know when asked. Why? I learned a long time ago the truth is just easier!!! No "story" to keep track of, nothing to cover up (except, of course understood modesty contraints.... there's a time and a place for naked and nekkid - naked is without clothes, nekkid is without clothes, and up to somethin'!), really, it's not hard. It's quite simple. But simple doesn't mean easy, far from!!!

So yes, I know I can be an unreasonable holy tyrrant... about my symptoms. Anything else? Who cares!!! But if I'm in pain, watch out, I'm either the devil or crackin jokes (the more alarming it gets and the sicker I get, the funnier everything gets.......)

See, Ic an see why a character like the Joker would mess with an actors head enogh to drive him to an OD, accidental or otherwise, doesn't matter. Point is, when you really are that crazy, there are reasons. And if you can't figure out how to leave that crazy & still be okay, it WILL kill you, because death mostly surprises people. Very few die peacefully, amd the ones who do, wow.... you're in for a great final ride, I know!!!!

Dying, when you're really dying, is easy. I've almost accidently died when I wasn't trying to at all!!! I was trying to LIVE!!!! omg.... and the times i was suicidal? Passive.... Why? i have belief that time changes everything eventually.

So yeah, sorry about the recent streams of consciousness.... iPads and Google don't get along.... yet. It's damn tricky to edit posts, amd I've lost more work than I can cry over at this point, hence why the fewer & fewer posts..... techno joy or tech no joy :/ These modern times. Gah!!!

I got too old too quick! lol

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