Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sleep Triggered by Migraine

I'm turning to my audience on this one. I can't seem to find it in the medical literature, so I'm asking you: have you ever experiences a migraine causing you to sleep? I've been experiencing this for the past year: my migraine triggers will start to flare, and I start falling into an irresistable sleep. I'll even dream that I'm still awake, and this has caused me to do things like sleep-type gibberish and delete apps from my iPad. The only medication I've taken is my nausea meds, and sometimes not even that! No narcotics, no triptains (Imatrex and the like). It happened again yesterday, and it's driving me crazy.

I'd like to sleep in a bed like a grown-up, thankyouverymuch. I don't appreciate falling asleep in front of co-workers. I'm nodding off on my sofa like a little kid. And the consequences have been the loss of some important work. It's so frustrating not to have a hold of my reality. To dream I'm still hard at work when I'm sawing logs in the cube farm is embarrasing! And I don't use any app that doesn't have an icloud or dropbox backup. It's maddening to Craft pitch deck or a presentation letter over days only to have it lost in a 5 minute cat nap. I suddenly come out of a dream haze and see my random sleep wreckage that my thumbs have wrought...

It all made sense in the dream.

Some people say they do their best work in there sleep, but I certainly don't.

Has this happened to you?

I wake up the second the migraine trigger has dissapated. And it's the weirdest migraine symptom I can find. There's plenty of information on migraimes caused by lack of sleep. That is not this. And I'm pretty sure I can't be alone.

Thanks for your comments!

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