Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Still In Remission!!!

Halleluia, my pituitary gland is working!! However, this tyme is strange because my thyroid is underactive and my pituitary gland is acting like it's primary hypothyroidism. That's fine! As long as I don't have to take prednisone, I'm a happy girl! That is the one of the worst tasting medications ever. I'm lucky in that I don't get side effects when I'm hypo-adrenal, but taking a pill is no subsitute for the real thing. With a pill, I get all my cortisol in one dose. The adrenal glands, however, adjust moment-by-moment based on the body's need. Guess which one feels better? Natural, of course.

I was so scared, so scared... But it looks like my symptoms are migraine only, which thankfully makes everything a LOT less complicated. It also opens up a whole class of medications for my migraines that wouldn't work before as an added bonus! I am tap-dancing with happiness! It's always a wonderful thing when I can walk into my doctors' offices with GOOD news. They love that. I love that. Everyone rejoices!

[Edited to Add]

I should give a big thank you to everyone who has prayed or hoped on ky behalf. I do believe in the power of human beings to affect the lives of others through prayer, Reiki and belief. We undersand just a fraction of this vast universe, and why diseases go into remission is one of them. I mean, I know there's a biological underpinning that we don understand, but there are bigger things in the universe than are dreampt of in all our sciences. Or, in layman: there be some spooky stuff out there and I'm glad of any good luck that comes my way.

So thank you, I do appreciate it. This helps so much, and I hope to take full advantage of my fortune!

Blessings upon you!

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