Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Doctors, please don't make your job my job...

As I type this, I am going through horrible symptoms because of my doctor-ordered drop in my daily prednisone. I get dizzy every time I stand, my hands are shaking, I'm freezing cold on a balmy 80 degree day, and my colon has defected on me. Upon my last visit, I was told to call the infusion center to schedule my test if I hadn't been called in two weeks. Well, I called and discovered there are no orders. Now it becomes my job to call the nurse line to call the doctor to get the orders in to schedule an appointment. It becomes my job to keep on top of this to make sure it gets done so my doctor can get the information she needs. Really??

I hear all the time from doctors blogs and medical journals about how much a problem "patient compliance" is. What about how non-compliant doctors are? I took actions in good faith. I'm subjecting myself to an increase in symptoms because that's the only way to get a fair test on the pituitary-adrenal axis. I get that. But I would like good faith in return. If you say your going to order a test, order the test. My job should not be to make sure you do your job.

That just makes me lose faith in the system that I need. That makes me lose trust in my doctor's ability to take care of me. I have to wonder if I did something wrong, some subtle body language, something... that made me receive this kind of poor treatment. And if I have to worry about it happening in the future.

It's not fair that I should have to do this. It's not fair that it becomes a crisis on my part due to procrastination on your part. But I have to do it or I don't get treated. I am your hostage.

You're worried about liability. I'm worried about my ability to live. When I'm sick, I'm frightened. When you screw up it could cost you your job. But when you screw up it can cost me my life! Respect that, please. When I have to do your job for you, that only scares me more! What else are you going to miss when I'm not looking?? What else could you forget to do??

Please, try to see it from my point of view. Step out of your troubles for a moment and put yourself in my shoes. You know what looks bad from your standpoint. Don't you think I could say the same? Take responsibility for your practice. Have a little integrity: say what you mean and mean what you say. Hold up to your end of the deal.

That's fair, right?

And apologies go a long way....


  1. Uh...did I say fire this doctor yet? So far what I am reading doesn't look too convincing from my perspective that you should be trusting this doctor. Now,maybe I am being harsh but I am speaking out of compassion for you. I have been there, done to say. Not with the adrenal issues but with thyroid cancer issues, ra issues and severe allergic medication reactions. My run radar is up and ready from reading your two past posts. If this continues, from my heart, you need to seek treatment elsewhere. I believe you said that finding a specialist for this condition can be trying but sometimes it is better to have to train a newbie with a disease then trust an oldie with your disease. Well, I have put in my two cents and I am stepping off the soapbox. all I can say about how you are being handled with this doctor.

  2. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I *did* fire an endocrinologist who said she was gonna change my medication, then didn't, then didn't return my pharmacy's phone calls, silence.

    Turns out she hadn't gotten my previous doctor's records. She *never* told me. And then ^ months later when I get the records sent to the neuroendo, oh magic! The endocrinologist I fired got them too. And suddenly I had a new medication waiting for me at the pharmacy.

    Really??? You can't tell me, "Hey, I haven't received your records yet, so I'm not comfortable giving you new prescriptions yet." Or, I don't know... CALLING the previous doctor's office with the number I *provided* and say, "Hey, we haven't gotten records yet. Is this the right fax number?"

    No, she went with option three: IGNORE.

    Now dat some bul$#!+...

    Office screw-ups like this are common. I'm just in no condition to be patient about it right now. It's a lot of work I don't need.

    But I will start the search for a good endocrinologist through my networks. I should have a back-up plan should this all go South.