Thursday, April 19, 2012

#HAWMC - Five dinner guests

There is something sacred about having a meal with someone---the breaking of bread, the sharing of sustenance. It is a bonding experience. For today's prompt, I am allowed to invite five guests, living or deceased, to dinner. I would want to invite Dan Ariely, who is absolutely brilliant on human irrationality. Following on that theme, I'd invite Kathryn Schulz, famous Wrongologist. Then I'd want to bring happiness specialists Daniel Kahneman, Nancy Etcoff, and Dan Gilbert. I think after introductions, conversations would start themselves.

I'd want to talk to them about what we understand about the human experience. These are the great minds that have looked at what it means to be human, and the struggles of the human experience, real rubber-meets-the-road stuff. I'd want to discuss how memories, and our relationship to memories, change over time. I'd want to talk about how we seek out happiness and how people can be more successful at finding it. Basically, I'd want to get them started and see how it fell out.

For example, I started this blog post early today, but got so sidetracked that I'm now submitting it with 2 minutes to spare. I think it had a great effect on me, which may have a payout for others in the future, but for today, I kinda flubbed it! Enjoy the links to the videos!

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