Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#HAWMC - Superpower day

For today's #HAWMC writing prompt, I am supposed to choose a superpower and how I would use it. With the amount of nervousness I'm feeling about my trip to Seattle tomorrow, I would choose teleportation! Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to go somewhere just by wishing? Instant travel so that there's not all this hassle of packing, getting a ride to the airport, dealing with the flight, on and on... It's an annoying activity for most healthy people. But for chronically ill people, it's even worse! If I leave something important at home, that can spell disaster. The travel itself is also physically exhausting and pain-causing. Teleportation would make all that agony go away.

For those of you just tuning in, I am traveling tomorrow to see my old endocrinologist in Seattle. She was recently appointed to head of neuroendocrinology at Swedish Hospital there. A neuroendocrinologist is an endocrinologist who specializes in disorders of the pituitary gland. And I happen to have a pituitary problem! Autoimmune hypophysitis, to be exact. She's one of the doctors who was present when I got that diagnosis. There's no need for me to worry she won't believe me (unlike my local neuroendocrinologist). I am meeting with her to establish myself as a patient again, and then make a plan get the cure.

Yes, it's an experimental treatment. But it has to be: there aren't enough people with my disease to even run a proper study! I'm hoping she'll be able to contact the authors of the paper detailing the cure, find out specifically what they did, and then tell that to my doctor here in Denver so I can go through the treatment. From what I can understand of the paper, it looks like a 16 week treatment, and then the pituitary disease should be gone.

That won't leave me 100% cured, unfortunately. There's still the damage to my nervous system, that's not going away, and will need continued management. I'll of course still have the scars from my surgeries. I'll probably still get migraines (though there is hope these could be lessened or even eliminated). But the disease that can kill me, the disease that we think is the original source of all these issues, will be gone. We will be able to stop much of the deterioration of my body, and get me off a lot of medication. And I will be serving as a guide to my Unicorn Sister.

I have done all the planning I can. Everything is packed except the last vital things. I'm going to try and make a post for #HAWMC tomorrow before I leave, then the computer gets packed up. I have my paperwork in order. My reservations are set. Since teleportation isn't possible, I'll just have to settle for an airplane and rental car for now.


  1. I will pray for you that your travel will be manageable, and your time spent with your doctor fruitful and successful.
    I understand your apprehension about traveling. My bipolar makes travel very difficult for me. I just returned from a long stay in the south and my husband and I usually make the two day drive home together. But, that drive is tough on me and so this year I flew home and he drove and that made it so much easier for me. Don't know why I waited so long to make that change!
    I am enjoying the little changes in writing as your follow the month of writing challenges. Great exercises.
    Bon Voyage!