Thursday, April 12, 2012

#HAWMC - Stream of Consciousness

Day Twelve of #HAWMC: Today’s post is about what’s going on in your head in this exact moment. What are you thinking/feeling/seeing/hearing? How do you feel? What’s popping into your head as you take in your surroundings? What conversations or interactions keep running through your mind? Stream of consciousness is about not suppressing these thoughts but letting them flow onto the page, with or without punctuation, without stopping to think about whether you’d chosen the right word or phrased something the right way.

Oh, my..... this is going to be interesting. For the sake of propriety, I'm going to HAVE to go back and edit because I swear like a f----ng sailor. Sonofab----. lol F--k... what do I want to say? I'm so glad to be home and back in my surroundings. Seattle was wonderful and weird, but I really like it here. This is a good place. I miss my peeps, though... that rips at my heart.

Oh head-hurty. Medication time. Better living through chemistry... mmmm... make the head-hurty stop. (cool breeze on the top of my head: wonderful) Red Bull is nectar of the gods. Must stay hydrated. Remember your kidneys. Good for you girl (ow- fingers starting to freak... damn rain) take care of business. You know even now that you are really f----ng well off compared to a lot of folk. Don't be lazy, this we know. This is a pity-free zone. Just be an adult about it... if you fall, down, you'll manage like you did earlier today. When you can do, you do, like you did later today. You're on track girl...keep it up.

"The goal is to get us out of this situation..." my brother says, looking up from his reverie. I'm glad he's in town. He can get a lot of help here for his Gulf-War-Syndrome. Healing can begin. Plus, he's fun.

Oh, crap, that reminds me... Longmont tomorrow. Luggage. Recycling. Medication/doctor's visit. Need to schedule a follow up. Need to get my calender straight. Need to get the money order for rant. Oh, I need to apologize to my landlord for being too ill to do anything this morning. He's so awesome.

Yie, I hate how it's just never a good idea to procrastinate anything. Otherwise it turns into a sh-tstorm that's just a f----ng nightmare to deal with. And of course, it's gotta be when you say, "Oh, I can take care of that tomorrow...", tomorrow ends up getting eaten by illness. Motherf----r. You'd think I'd have figured this out by now. I've only been tripping myself up since forever. I'm going to have to have a long, sit-down talk with my inner child. teenager. We need to get our sh-t together. This is un-f----ng-acceptable.

Tired tired dizzy tired,
hands they type while they're on fire...

woooooo... that was fun. I'm all wobbly with the flu. Wheeeeee....

Oy. Sleep soon. We slept most of today. We need to be able to pull of tomorrow. Medication, rent, suitcase, recycling. Otherwise the weekend will be HELL. We need to get better about our pill case so the timing doesn't come down to the wire like this. A sting of bad days can throw you for a loop and then the timing goes all pear shaped... Not good. I am not enjoying this anxiety.

My, my, me oh my
little piece of chocolate pie
superhighway in the sky
My mind, me oh my

I am super-swishy delirious. Gotta love the flu. All the drunk, it didn't cost us a penny, and it's socially acceptable. #winning! Oh that reminds me of Jenna Marbles: "Hashtag balling." lol That girl has it going on! Love her sh_t. Wish I could do videos like that, but yie... I am not that good on camera! Oh, well... I write like a motherf----r, so I'm content.

Do not let the fingers touch while typing... buzzing burning owey time. No no no no no. Not good. Okay.... Eyes are shutting down. Bedtime... Goodnight!

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