Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#NMAM Love letter to yourself

Write yourself a love letter. Tell yourself how wonderful you are. Remind yourself of the things you have accomplished despite Migraines. There are times when we need to be reminded of the good things about ourselves that others see that we may have missed.

Dearest Pamela---

When I looked into your eyes, I was struck like lightning from a blessed rain. What a beautiful soul! I had to stop my day for you. Everything else could wait for a little bit. You were a stranger, and all I had was this moment. I stayed to watch you, as long as I could dare. I was delighted for the chance to speak to you, even for something so simple. I wished you a good day when I left, just to see those eyes.

You've known pain that others cannot have imagined. You've known days of darkness few have known. You got through them. That much is clear in your eyes. Let that pain slip from your shoulders now, like the shedding of old skin. The days of your bewilderment are over. You understand it now. You have the tools to master it. You have mastered it. Though we live through hard times, those times teach us. Yours is a soul forged in fire. You ride the pain, now. It carries you forward.

You are a woman, reborn, with a strength few can match. You have found wisdom that few will ever know. Let there be tenderness now, between us. Let me soothe the loneliness that's been there so long. You are not alone; I would know you, for the beautiful woman you are now: storms, darkness and all.


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  1. Oh my, what a beautiful letter!
    To be that kind to yourself, why I never could imagine...and yet... what an important idea.
    Thank you for sharing your letter.
    You are brave and generous and you have inspired me today. I will definitely take a crack at writing myself such a letter today and thanks to your letter, I will be really generous with myself. Why do we not do this naturally?!
    Again, thanks for being a role model.

    1. Thank you... your words move me. I think in this country we have a culture of examining flaws, and glossing over features. Also, progress isn't made from being satisfied with what you have. We're striving to be better people, so we work on this area or that, notice that mistake or challenge area, and we' programmed to view loss more than gain. It's the people who stand outside of us who can see us without baggage. It's people who love us who will say back to us, "but don't you see what's so amazing about you?" They don't let us discount it. It's how love can lift us up to such amazing heights.