Sunday, June 17, 2012

#NMAM "The Price is Right"

Today's blogging challenge: "What one thing would you do for the Migraine community if money were no issue." Now here's the thing... you say something like "money is no issue" and my fantasies really jump the chain. I'm talking full-scale, rewriting Federal drug policies fantasies. See, I'm all for protecting the children from the ills of mind-altering chemicals, but I think prohibition, especially prohibition at the scientific level, is just silly. We need to know what these compounds do, and put them to use solving the problems of the world, not setting up forbidden fruit that we then have to wage a war over.

For example, right now there aren't that many medications for chronic nausea. And the medications that are out there aren't very safe! Metolopramide drugs like Reglan, for example, could cause a movement disorder known as Tardive Dyskinesia, a difficult-to-treat form of dyskinesia. That's a disorder resulting in involuntary, repetitive body movements. Yikes! Yet we have another nausea medication, that has no known overdose amount---meaning it's impossible to OD on the stuff---and we keep that one illegal because on paper it says their's no medicinal value. It's safe, effective, 100% natural, and at the federal level, completely illegal.

Then there's another drug that works on serotonin transmitters, that could be an absolute breakthrough molecule in the treatment of migraines, depression, and anxiety was taken out of scientists hands in the lab and deemed "no medical value" when, in fact, the problem was that it was too good and fell into the hands of club kids. It was a knee-jerk reaction during the really hard "War on Drugs" phase, and now a molecule we know works is off-hands, while other just-as-dangerous migraine, depression and anxiety meds are allowed to remain on the market.

And don't even get me started on over-the-counter medications (Robitussin anyone?)... That we're allowed to act like adults with some dangerous chemicals, but not others, is just silly. I'd use my endless supply to bring some long-awaited reason back to the table. I'd woo Big Pharma. I'd have the doctors and nurses on board... we'd fix this chaotic mess and get medicine moving on the right track again, free from pressure by the DEA. I would transform that organization into what it should be, a regulatory body that makes sure these folks aren't selling snake oil, and treatment for those who find themselves on the wrong end of addiction. After that, I'd add the resources to the FDA to better ensure safety standards and ensure drug shortages don't happen. All those guys with guns? You now work for other government agencies that need guys with guns.

What would I do with all that money? I'd change the very fabric of this nation.

I don't dream small at all. ;^)

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  1. I've been reading all of your posts about migraines but this one takes the cake. Go Pamela go! You have been doing a great job on this project. It has clearly hit a nerve.
    Keep up the great work Pamela.

    1. Oh, thank you! I don't know why I missed this comment, but thanks so much for enjoying the event!

      "This one takes the cake..." ^_^

      Yeah, some of my biggest problems with trying to treat my migraines has been our drug policy, and not even for just the narcotics! I remember when the COX-2 inhibitor scare delayed the release of the non-narcotic Lyrica.... ugh. So much suffering, so much productivity lost... and for what? So we can feel good about making it harder for that junkie to shoot up? Really? So much mistreatment of patients.... it's unreal.

      This one hit me deep.