Sunday, June 10, 2012

#NMAM Name the Spokesperson

Choose any celebrity to represent Migraine (whether they have Migraine or not) who would it be and why? I'd want Jon Stewart, and not for him to get migraines... just for him to be the spokes-celebrity for migraines. That way, if I ever get to do a book tour, it would only be logical that I get interviewed by that guy. Plus, you know when Jon Stewart gets serious about an issue, people take notice. If he were to be the celebrity for migraines, just think of the kind of outreach he could have!

Mostly, it's that I want to be interviewed by him. Why? Because I think he's the one to spread the message about how important humor is to folks with chronic illness, and folks who experience chronic pain. If there was a day I could laugh, it was a win. If I could find a way to crack a joke about a terrible situation, that made me a survivor, not a victim. Where pain is soul-stealing, laughter is life-giving. Any time that I could find a moment to laugh was a moment of freedom from the awful seriousness of my condition. Humor was a reminder there was still good in the world, even for me. That there was nothing so terrible that a good laugh couldn't help. Mind you, sometimes the mirth was better experienced internally...breathing is important. But I've never not wanted that joy.

Jon Stewart also covers matters seriously when they're deserving over seriousness, so I also know he'd handle this topic with a great deal of sensitivity and diplomacy, as well. Plus, I think he'd be floored by the statistics. I think it would give him, and the rest of the world, a whole new understanding of the health care debate. His reactions would be absolutely delicious! He's one of those people who is properly expressive when impressed (at least in the world according to me). He'd be able to give the topic of migraines it's proper due.

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  1. Love it! Jon Stewart was actually my person for NMAMBC #2 Tea for Two: