Sunday, April 27, 2014

Book Report #HAWMC

My favorite book at this point in my life is: Ownership Spirit by Dennis R. Deaton. This book is incredible. It opens by teaching the Owner/Victim Choice. continues by explaining Our Essence, that there is a difference between who we are and the choices we make. "As human beings, we each have a body; but we are not our bodies. We have emotions, but we are not our emotions. And, we have feelings, but we are not our feelings." This book is brilliant. Check out this bit in the chapter "The Thinker of Thoughts":

When we encounter setbacks or loss, we can learn to resist our almost reflexive Victim thoughts like, "Oh, no; here we go again," or, "Why does stuff like this always happen to me?" We can learn to open up the mental interpretative gap and enumerate options [read: we can detach and list our options]. ...When my knee-jerk reaction takes over and I sense myself turning to the "why me" laments... I say to myself, "Stop. What are your options here, Dennis?" The "stop" breaks the negative monologue. The follow-up question... triggers a constructive line of questioning.
[emphasis mine]

I love this bool. I love it because not only is it a call to arms to get up and take responsibility for our lives, but it recognizes that this stuff is difficult to do, and that tough decisions need to be made every step of the way to see the success we want. And this book teaches how to deal with ourselves and our own insecurities that will crop up along the way.

We can either appreciate what we have and build on it, or take it for granted and lose it. "Exercising Tough-Minded Ownership does not guarantee that every poignantly challenging experience will turn out to our liking. But, it does guarantee the way we will experience the [event] and it does determine the degree of strength we will leverage during those times." There are no Polly-Anna's here. This is realistic optimism at its best.

Along those same lines, everyone should watch this TED talk. It talks about how important it is to hold on to who we are no matter what happens. If you haven't tried this exercise before, do so now. Write out 20 sentences on a piece of paper starting with the words "I am..." and finish that sentence. Force yourself to only write positive qualities or qualities you are proud of in yourself. Do not finish any of those sentences negatively. This will help you identify the qualities you find important in yourself. And it will help you remember who you are, no matter what happens to you or the choices you're forced to make. Because as this video shows, both great success and great failure are as equally disorienting to the psyche. It's easy to get lost out there.

This great talk is called, "Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating":

[ted id=1983]

If you haven't heard of The Ownership Spirit, go check it out. And remember to always come home. I am your host, Pamela Curtis. I was not paid in any way for these endorsements. You can pick up your copy of Ownership Spirit through this link to Amazon.

P.S. I passed on Fitness Friday, because I don't really stay fit right now. I do have a word art picture, but I don't have any image software to capture pictures right now due to technical difficulties. I promise I'll get it up soon!

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