Saturday, April 5, 2014

Theme Song #HAWMC [LATE]

"Don't give up, You Only Get What You Give... by the New Radicals has been my theme song for the longest time. (video: It's a great, lift-me-up tune with positive reinforcement: If I want great things to happen, I've got to put great effort into the project. If I want if to be funny, if I want it to be me, I have to be willing to out those things out there for others to works with. If I want it to be wonderful and full of whimsy, I need to bring that to the table. If I want it to soothe, I need to be soothing. If I want to learn, I need to teach. If I want to teach, I need to learn. The rule is: Don't give up-- forget the losses-- if you want, you must be willing to give of yourself.

I used to play this song whenever I was feeling down to remind myself why I need to pick myself back up again. As long as I keep going, and keep trying, and keep improving what I do... As long as I practice and remain teachable, and just keep at my goal, I will get back the effort I put in. This does not mean I have to be the loudest voice in the room. Rather, it's that if I want something, I've got to be willing to put in the work. I've got to be willing to take small steps forward over a long period of time. There is no "get rich quick" scheme, no easy launch to success.

But the fun side is, I get it back! When I put in the hard work, I get back the results of that work. Even if the results right now aren't what I want, it's a start, and I can build from there. If I want to build a mountain! I need to expect a mountain of effort, and I'm not Hercules, so that's either going to take time, help, and probably both! Lol

I know we can do great things if we put our minds to it. This blog started with a single post and an idea. I'm actually blown away by what it's become and the people I've reached, and who have reached back to me. There is such an amazing community out there for those of us who must live with a chronic illness. I feel so fortunate to have you all (and all the friends & family too!) as a part of my life! "You've got a reason to live!"

I used to wonder how I would fit in if I no longer had work as a part of my life. I knew I didn't want to just waste away reading the Internet or staring at the TV. So I made my time on the Internet productive, and kept writing and honing my professional skills in essays, even though I wasn't paid for it. Later that blossomed into the idea of the blog, and now I've turned what was a detriment into a positive force in my life! Oh sure, I still suffer the bad days, but bad day or good, it's all material I can use to help myself and all of you!

Very early in my illness I saw a sign, "Truth brings relief to the voice that speaks it, and hope to the mind that hears it." I have learned on here that I am not alone. I may still be a little weird and misunderstood at times (har, har), but I'm not alone. And my feelings are understood, even if my words aren't. There are so many people out there who care for me, and I wasn't even trying! They like me for me, and the whimsy that I bring just from sharing the things I like with them! I didn't have to perform, or acheive, or prove myself. I just had to be myself and that was plenty enough.

I may be at the mercy of a chronic illness, but that doesn't diminish my spirit!

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