Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Dinner #HAWMC

Sunday Dinner. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why? Don’t worry we won’t be offended if you don’t choose those at WEGO Health #HAWMC If you give me the option of Zombie guests, of course I'm going to dine with the dead! People might be surprised by my choices, however...

First, I must invite my fellow statesman, Samuel Clemens, aka, Mark Twain. He seems like he could carry a dinner party by himself, but we don't want to leave him lacking for peer support. Next, I would add Marie Curie, because she was such a force in Physics and Chemistry in an era dominated by men. Following her, I'd go with Siddhartha and Lao Tzu, because, why not? And finally, Cleopatra, one, just to see what she really looked like, and two, if we want to talk about a woman who held her own during a time of men, she's tops!

So I have a writer, a scientist, two spiritual pinnacles, and a stunningly beautiful female ruler from an age known as male-dominated. That sounds like an amazingly cool conversation. Mark/Sam would delight us with interesting topics to discuss, whether it be about the stars in the sky or fish in the stream, which both Sid and Tzu (say that 5 times fast) would relate to some great, higher awareness. Cleopatra would say something that would charm all the men, with enough wit to relate it to the discussion at hand, and Marie would explain how the cosmic and the microcosmic all interconnect scientifically. It would be a fantastic dinner. Just get them together, at watch the conversation go!

Those would be my five...

My apologies for not being able to hot-link the URL up there. Technical difficulties, migraine difficulties! Mia culpa! Lol

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