Saturday, April 5, 2014

Super-Power Day #HAWMC

I'm supposed to tell what superpower I would have, and what I would do with it if I did. Rather than scare you all with my evil genius desires, I though I should tell you of the superpower I have been blessed with: I can sleep!! I can fall asleep in the middle of you talking to me. I can fall asleep in the middle of me talking to you. I fall asleep sitting up, standing up, and walking. Oh, and I sleep walk/talk/and type too... That can make for some awkward emails, let me tell you! What's even worse is I often dream that I've woken myself up (when I haven't) and then I dream the next part of my day and what I do (only I'm asleep and I don't), then I wake up and realize I have to do that all over again, only for real this time.

Sometimes, I fall asleep mid-motion, freeze in place as I sleep, wake up and move a few inches, fall back asleep and freeze, like some wind-up doll at the end of its spring, or someone trapped in some strange space-time anomaly where everything is slow motion for me, and regular speed for the rest of the world.

Thankfully, driving a car does not put me in this state. It seems to happen either when I'm seated and stationary, or after I've gone to bed at night. This can be a real pain (literally!) when trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I cannot tell you how many times I've woken up on the toilet and both my legs are asleep because I sat there too long. (I now understand why people by cushioned toilet seats!!)

I can drink a Red Bull like other people do shots of alcohol and fall asleep. I can sleep (and I have) through a level 7 migraine, however, I also dream I have a migraine, and feel the pain in my dreams! I have answered the phone and carried on conversations in my sleep. Sometimes they made sense and I helped people. Sometimes it was jibberish and I amused them... "No, no... The elephants go on the pink squares and the hippos have apple juice." Wait, Pam, what did you say? "We have to close our eyes to keep the soda cans from escaping otherwise we can't Paris." Are you asleep? "Lightbulbs." You're asleep. I'll talk to you tomorrow, bye. "Okay, bye!" (She said the freakiest part was that I say goodbye like a normal, awake person! Lol)

So my superpower is LIVING IN MY SLEEP! Which makes things very strange and complicated, especially when I can remember if I just dreamed taking my medication for the day, or did I actually get up and take my medication for the day? I'm going to have to back to one of those reminder pill cases at this rate! Pill counting gets old fast.

Yeah, it's not as cool as a real super power, but I had to vent ;)

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