Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Laughter is the best medicine #HAWMC

I'm participating in @wegohealth's #HAWMC blogging challenge for the mo the of April! Today's challenge, in honor of April Fool's Day is about laughter. I recently decided if laughter is the best medicine (and it is pretty good stuff, let me tell you), then I want to be the Compounding Pharmacy of Chronic Illness Comedy. I dream big. ;)

But seriously, there is a lot we go through that is SO ABSURD sometimes the only thing that makes sense is to laugh. It's either that or more hurt than I'd care to inflict on myself (I don't have that kind of moxie. I'll take the slow and p-a-i-n-f-u-l route, tyvm). As such, I am now on a Comedy Search, watching my life for any moment that could be funny or laughed at. Like someone who's trained in writing who can think of their words because, OMG! Migraine! "You know... The thing with the stuff." I got so good at translating my mother's jibberish we just turned it into our own language. A "ka'chunka-chunka" for example, is a stapler because that's the noise it makes!

Life is too damn hard to be all uptight and serious all the time. Oh, sure, there are necessary moments like that, and I've been there for several, when people's lives were on the line, or (God forbid) lost. This, right here, even when I'm at a level ten migraine pain, is NOT one of those times. Oh, that doesn't mean I want you lolligaging with my rescue pain medications... Just that I know perspective. It may be level 10 pain, but I'm not bleeding or turning strange colors like purple & blue.

It doesn't matter that I have a chronic illness... Or perhaps, in fact, because I have a chronic illness, laughter is something I still want a lot of in my life. Not the humiliation laughter, you feel me... But the "Ain't life funny," in that universal sense that we all can enjoy. We err, because we're human, and sometimes, that's hysterical! Laughter is healing, laughter is cleansing, laughter is calming, and it's free (unless you're seeing a professional at work ;).

My disability actually started in comedy, on the night before my surgery, after my last day I was to work Asa healthy person, my friend and I howled, with tears streaming down our eyes! and laughed out @$$es off at Eddie Izzard's genius. It was just what I needed to survive everything that followed... If it's a day I can laugh, it's still a good day.

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