Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hobbies! #HAWMC

When I was #healthy, I was a woman of MANY #hobbies: animals, art(acrylics, inks, pastels, oils, watercolors), crafts (wood, metal, cloth, needlepoint) weaving... I loved doing EVERYTHING. I loved learning all the unusual tools and watching a creation move from the theater of my mind into the real world. I've worked with stone, clay, glazes, paper, origami, paper mache... I missed out on working with glass. I love making things and taking a "blah" space and turning into a magical wonderland! I've done small theater, Broadway Shows, singing, danging, tap dancing(!!), debate club, radio (news & DJ), video, film, HTML, typesetting, and I even got to visit East & West German, the year before The Wall fell.

I worked with electronics and electronic circuits, soldering those little electronic bits that sit on the silicon cards in your electronic devices. I had a model electronic train set, model planes, and miniatures. I had a doll house that I made myself, as well as made my own miniatures to furnish it! lol I've built my own computers.

I can sew and have made my own clothing and costuming. I have LARPed both SCA and World of Darkness. I played role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons or GURPS. I play video games and worked at Nintendo of America and Xbox. I've camped overnight for SCA events, attended ZombieSquad events, and been a member of the Camarilla (as well as a coordinator & other official positions in the organization). I play Chess, Backgammon, all sorts of card games, all sorts of games of all types in general!

I've been a model, I've done body painting for charity, and I've volunteered with the ACLU. I've build web sites for fun, made my own computer graphics and animations in Flash and PowerPoint. Yes, PowerPoint, the Microsoft presentation software can be used to make animations, especially technical animations. I use software and hardware in new, exciting, and unintended ways (see the previous sentence). I have been the DJ in a goth club and was a "Club Kid" out dancing 4 nights a week!

I've painted whole walls in murals, and turned my teen-age bedroom into a Faerie Wonderland, based on the famous book by Froud. I've made jewelry, "woven" on a bead loom, and worked with leather arts. I've colorized prints from the Civil War, now hung in the lobbies of banks and offices in downtown St. Louis as fine art. I've been a photographer, and have developed my own film and prints. I started working in a darkroom in grade school.

I cook and create my own recipes. I love combining unusual ingredients to create some brilliant and amazing taste experiences. I've studied philosophy and theology with the Jesuits. I was an Apprentice Shaman and studied Shamanism for 3 years. I was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for 15 years, and had 7+8 years of sobriety. I study the Big Book and have attended, help run, and participated in Sobriety & Recovery Conventions across the country. I garden and have grown my own flowers, food, and medicines.

I've done road trips through almost all of the states in the Lower 48. I've owned ferrets, dogs, cats, fish, birds, snakes, lizards, and fell in love with an elephant at first sight. I've seen so much wildlife hiking and while camping. I've gone spelunking in caves sailed boats & catamarans. I've water-skied, downhill snow skied (and made it up to double-blue runs). I've swum in the Atlantic and Lake Michigan. I've tooted the horn on a commuter train going from Manhattan to Long Island. I've shot rifles and been hunting. I've cooked over an open flame and on a wood-burning stove (with coal) that was made in 1904.

I've helped make a board game, I've won Magic the Gathering tournaments, I've won beauty contests. I've been in a croquet tournament since I was 8, and I have a scar through my eyebrow from it, but I have yet to get my name on the trophy (my Dad is on there 2 or 3 times). I've made sand castles, drip castles, and sculptures with sand. I've build dams across creeks on which to float motorized model clay boats, that my cousin let me help build.

I studied Icelandic and Norse Literature, including Tolkien, and majored in chemistry all the way through orgo chem. I now study migraines and chronic health issues, and involve myself heavily in health activism.

This is a lot, but I wish I could so so much more. I *AM* going to do more in other ways, but I wish I had the energy to participate in my hobbies like I used to. A lot of these things I mention in the past tense, I have done, because these are things I cannot do anymore. There's a huge sense of loss when you were a person THIS ^^^ active, and THIS excited about participating in life. It hurts to think many of those things I will never do again. There are new things I cannot try in the first place just because of my health, and that too, is painful and frustrating.

Still, I'm glad I was able to do so much for 29 years!

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